Not happy about been ripped off twice

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GK plumbing......

This plumber is a complete and utter rip off, and charges themselves out at £600 a day plus VAT. I have just had an oven replace by them at one of my rental properties of which he charged me £150, Plus £30 for materials, Plus VAT, For a job which must have taken well under an hour. Having just replaced the oven in my own house my self, and not been experienced I did it in less than half an hour. In order to replace an oven you removed 4 screws, undo three electrical wires and replace them into the new oven which fits directly into the slot of the old one. You then take four screws, and re secure the oven. So what was the £30 for materials let alone being charged out for two hours. This is not the only unsatisfactory job or situation I have had with this plumber. I was also charged £75, Plus a vat, for a so-called boiler inspection and he didn't even remove a panel to have a look at it and just told me they're due to the fact that it was about six years old, it should be replaced at a price of almost £3000, Plus VAT . I had it repaired for under £250 by another plumber and received a warrantee of a year. Please please be careful of GK plumbers. They are thieves, and will be out to get you!

Not a happy customer