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Kleeneze distributors and team leaders

Posted by: Kleeneze <extraincome@live.co.uk> Date: 9/2/8

Kleeneze 08458 720 164 http://www.more-wages.co.uk

Hi, we are looking for people to join our 85 year old and highly ethical catalogue distribution company.

Founding member of the Direct Sales Association and recognised by the Office of Fair Trade, our company has a fantastic track record offering ordinary people the chance to earn an extra income or build a new exciting career.

Be your own boss, work your own hours. Kleeneze can offer you a fully flexible income.

Work from home spare/part or full time, what ever suits your current situation.

You can earn anything from an extra 200 per month to 2,000+ a month. Many Kleeneze distributors earn much more.

Full and continuous support and training, be part of a great team, fantastic incentives and all the recognition you deserve along the way.

For a free no obligation information pack call: 08458 720 164 (24 hours)

Or visit: http://www.more-wages.co.uk

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