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> You probably know by now but I think 69 and 69a Buckingham Street,
> Aylesbury was the site of the "Mid Bucks Shelter and Maternity Home". It
> may also have been called Putnam House. It was also the address from the
> Mid Bucks moral Welfare Association in 1951. I think that basically it was
> a home for unmarried mothers and was particularly full during the Second
> World War. The person who I know was sent there in 1940 said that it was
> Dickensian! I was given this information by Samantha Baxter from the
> Buckinghamshire CC Archives
> David

Hi Dave

Many thanks for your reply. I didn't know, but suspected , that this address was that sort of place. However, I can pass this info onto my pal. Think he'll be interested.


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